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Bulianta Coal Preparation Plant
Client£ºShenhua Group Shendong Coal Co.,Ltd
Designed capacity£º24.0 Mt/a
Two production systems are set. The system A have 4 production modes while the system B has 3 production modes. The plant can produce 7 types of product to meet the varied requirement of the consumers.
Wudong Coal Preparation Plant
Client£ºWudong Coal Preparation Plant
Designed capacity£º8.0 Mt/a
HM bath separator with bowl screen centrifuge to settle sliming problem. High flexibility to variation of raw coal quality and product specifications.
Wangfenggang Coal Preparation Plant
Client£ºHuainan Mining Group
Designed capacity£º4.0 Mt/a
Steel structure construction to reduce erection time. 3-product HM Cyclone with parallel layout. This plant, as one of China¡¯s most advanced coking coal preparation plants, was rewarded with National Copper Prize for Excellent Engineering Project.
Yunwei Coal Preparation Plant
Client£ºYunwei Group Co., Ltd in Yunnan Province
Designed capacity£º4.0 Mt/a
3-product HM cyclone plus ejector flotation, hyperbaric filter and filter press. This project was rewarded with National Copper Prize for Excellent Engineering Project.
Longgu Coal Preparation Plant
Client£º Xinjulong Energy Co., Ltd in Shandong Province
Designed capacity£º10.0 Mt/a
China¡¯s largest coking coal preparation capacity with the most flexible process and the most advanced equipment. This project was awarded with Luban Prize, National Copper Prize for Excellent Engineering Project and Ministry-level Golden Prize of Excellent Engineering Project.
Renjiazhuang Coal Preparation Plant
Client£ºNinglu Thermal Coal Co.,Ltd in Ningxia Province
Designed capacity£º2.4 Mt/a
The only Project rewarded with National Golden Prize for Excellent Engineering Project in China¡¯s Coal industry. All the production indicators are better then designed ones.
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