BHEC contracted EPC project of Coal Storage and Distribution Center in Jiangxi Province fulfilled one-time operation success of commissioning and passed the quality certification
On July 30, 2016, under the guidance of China Coal Construction Association, BHEC contracted EPC project of Coal Storage and Distribution Center in Jiangxi Province successfully passed the quality certification from Jiangxi Coal Industry Construction Quality Supervision Center, and also was assessed as excellent project works.

     The project of Coal Storage and Distribution Center in Jiangxi Province is a key project in Jiangxi Province, including three sectors, namely wharf, storage and distribution yard (with coal preparation plant) and railway special line. The designed static coal storage capacity is 8.0 Mt, and dynamic processing capacity is 2.6 Mt/a with coal-washing capacity of 1.0 Mt/a.

     The project has functions of loading, unloading, blending, storage and transportation for coal, iron ore and bulk materials, etc.

     The total investment is estimated as 1.517 billion RMB, among which 559 million RMB is for coal storage and distribution and 79 million RMB for coal preparation plant.

     The EPC contract is implemented by BHEC among three cross-industry sectors and is centralized controlled with dispatching system. The project started construction in November 2012, during which it overcame many unfavorable factors, such as railway plan adjustment, construction suspension and so on. In June 2016, the project construction task was satisfactorily completed and the project was put into production on July 23, 2016. Through quality certification and one-off operation success, the project was highly recognized by Jiangxi Energy Group and construction units, laying foundation for the overall project acceptance, and established good reputation for BHEC to develop similar business.

     After the completion of the project, the multimodal transport of waterway, railway, and road is formed with three-dimensional transport network, which opens up an access transport channel along Yangtze golden waterway. The project conforms to the national strategy "One Belt and One Road" and extends the Yangtze River economic zone, and it also brings transformation and development of major opportunities and great potential for Jiangxi Energy Group.
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