BHEC was awarded the Gold Prize for outstanding coal EPC Project, 2016
On September 12, 2016, held by China Coal Construction Association, the excellent EPC Projects in Coal industry, 2016 & the second excellent Project Managers Selection were revealed. The supporting Coal Preparation Plant Project for safety technologies upgrading of Xiayukou Coal Mine, Hancheng Mining Co.,Ltd, Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group Co.,Ltd overtook by BHEC was awarded the Gold prize.

     12 engineers from BHEC-Mr. Zhou Zuyuan, Mr. Ye He, Mr. Zhou Yaliang, Mr. Liu Xun, Mr. Zhou Yongchao, Mr. Hu Yanyu, Mr. Wang Fei, Mr. Wu Gang, Mr. Wei Yuxiao, Mr. Yue Caikun, Mr. Sun Yaofeng and Mr. Zhao Yanyang were awarded the title of ¡°Excellent EPC Project Managers¡±.
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