xiaosaBaiyang ling project department ofBeijing HuayuZhongxuan Clean Coal Engineering Technology Co.,Ltd was awarded ¡° the establishment unit of the Chinese coal mine youth safety production¡± in 2017-2018
March 3, 2017
Recently, our group company organized the China Coal Science and Technology in naming of youth safety production demonstration in 2016 and declaration¡¯s works in 2017, during the time, the Baiyang ling project department of Beijing HuayuZhongxuan Clean Coal Engineering Technology Co.,Ltd ultimately won the ¡°2017-2018 China Coal Industry Youth Safety Production Demonstration division. So, this is an another honor after that Baiyang ling project department won the title of ¡°annual outstanding team in 2015¡± which was published by Tiandi Technology co.,Ltd.

     Baiyang ling project department mainly responsible for producing and washing of coal preparation plant of Guotouxiyangbaiyangling. This project focused on the cultivation of young staff, to encourage young staff as a key point. It has fully developed adaptability, specialty and plasticity of young staff, to build up a stage of young staff, and to promote processing of safety production work. Since the commissioning and production, the project has been successfully operated in 7 years, which set up an excellent example for works of safety production.

     In the coming works, the Baiyang ling project department will regard successful setting up youth safety production demonstrationas an important opportunity, continually strengthens the efforts of this project, to enhance staff technical training and safety operation rules, try our best to achieve the general goal of safety production without accident, to set up a kind of cultural atmosphere of safety production, and then, try to make a great contribution in the safety production works!
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