Our company (BHEC) held the meeting of operational quality for the first quarter in 2017
April 22, 2017
In April 14, 2017, our company (BHEC) held the meeting of operational situations for the first quarter in 2017. This meeting was an online meeting, the main meeting-place which was organized in Beijing which connected with branch meeting-place amongstTangshan, Pingdingshan, Xian, and Urumchi. The company¡¯s leaders, chief engineer, general manager assistant, deputy chief engineer, leaders of production department and management department, also leaders of branch companies and subsidiaries, totally about 60 people attend the meeting.

     During the meeting, enterprise administrative department summarized the situations of overall operational quality for the first quarter, published performance indicators of production department in engineering sector in 2017. The enterprise administrative department of Tangshan made an overall report for own operational quality in the first quarter. Marketing department focused on some specific measures in the areas of market development, design consultation fees and accounts receivable collection, proposed the solutions of that how to complete the indicators of contract amount, fees¡¯ collection and accounts receivable collection. Also, the financial department made a report on the basis of the current situation of company, financial risk and protective measures. Finally, Human resource department clarified some issues aiming to performance¡¯s calculation of production department.

     Zhang hongzhi, deputy secretary of the party committee, Lu jianhong, deputy general manager, Guo niuxi, deputy general manager, Zhang mengbiao, deputy general manager, Ren youfu, deputy general manager, Chen jianhua, general manager, Li minghui, secretary of the party committee, all the company¡¯s leaders made a speech covered the areas of that operational quality, external economic situations, accounts receivable collection, incentive adjustment, enterprise transformation and upgrading and risk control measures. Thus, this meeting required us to change ideas, expand way of thinking; according to that, to assume the responsibility, to promptly implement all measures, actively search for market opportunities; in final, we will promote the transformation and upgrading of our company as soon as possible.
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