Russia NTP (New Technology Process) Company Visit Beijing Huayu Engineering Co., Ltd for Equipment Final Inspection
From June 19, 2017 to June 26, 2017, the three people who comes from both the Russian company NTP (New Technology Process) and Promugolservis company visited the Beijing Huayu Engineering Co., Ltd. Basically, the purpose of this trip for Russia side mainly refers to two points, including business and technical communication for two sides, and also to make the final inspection for one raw coal sizing screen and one crusher according to the contract between NTP and Huayu,
       In June 21, Russia NTP Company¡¯s director and other two technical managers arrived at the Huayu Tangshan equipment production base, and to make a technical communication in-depth with engineering technicians in the field of equipment research and development, in subsequently, the technical workers in Tangshan base made the final inspection for a raw coal sizing screen and a crusher, which are prepared to pick up. As a result, both of the two equipment equipments had shown an excellent performance and technical indicators, which are highly praised by the Russia side.
       After the Russia side successfully completed the final inspection of the two equipments, also they visited the plant and equipment testing system of Tangshan equipment production base. During the two days of Tangshan¡¯s visiting, not only to complete the working tasks of equipment factory inspection, but also the Tangshan equipment production base which mainly focuses on equipment research and development, manufacturing and integration had shown strong market competitiveness from their products, it had laid a solid foundation for the further cooperation.
       Under continued depression of the current domestic coal situation, Huayu is trying to open up the international coal market, to increase proportions of the international output value within the company's total output value as much as possible. By using this opportunity of coal equipment¡¯s exporting, attempt to deepen the cooperation and communication in coal field with Russia side. Eventually, our company should gradually establish the extensive and effective cooperation with Russia side in the terms of equipment integration, technical consultation and general contracting (EPC), and then, to make a great contribution for the vigorous development of our international business.
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