Mr. Ren Fangming, Chairman of Board (fifth from left)
     Mr. Yang Lihan, Secretary of The Party Committee (fifth from right)
     Mr. Li Minghui, President and National Master of Design (fourth from the left)
     Mr. Liu Zongshi, Discipline Inspection Commission Secretary (fourth from right)
     Mr. Zhang Mengbiao, Vice President ( third from left)
     Mr. Ren Youfu, Vice President (third from right)
     Mr. Chen Jianhua, Vice President (second from left)
     Mr. Zhang Baolian, Chief Engineer (second from right)
     Mr. Guo Niuxi, Vice President (first from left)
     Mr. Lu Jianhong, Vice President ( first from right)
China Coal Technology & Engineering Group Beijing Huayu Engineering Company 
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