Beijing Huayu Engineering Co., Ltd (BHEC) is a member of the Sino- China Coal International Engineering Technology and Science Group. It was reorganized at the end of 2001. All the technical resources came from two former Class A national design institutes belonging to the former Ministry of Coal Industry, one was Beijing Coal Mine Design & Research Institute and the other was Coal Preparation Design & Research Institute. They both had remarkable achievements and an excellent reputation in all aspects of turnkey contracts, engineering design related to the coal industry in China and overseas markets. In this regard, they have made a significant contribution to the development of China¡¯s coal industry. Beijing Institute was setup in 1952, having excellent technical capabilities and much practical experience in the planning of coalfields, layout and design of coal mine and overseas EPC contracting.

       The company is a 100 % state-owned enterprise under the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC). The company has two four working centers , one islocating respectively in in Beijing, and the other is in Pingdingshan, Henan Province, Xi¡¯an and Xinjiang. The head office is located in Beijing mainly dealing with consultancy in relation to engineering design of coal mines, coal water fuel plant and power stations; Pingdingshan specializes in EPC contracts, operations, engineering design and consultancy relating to coal preparation plant.

       Pingdinshan Coal Preparation Institute has been one of the top hundred Institutes in China specializing in coal preparation design and research, which was founded in 1956 and the only Institute specialized in coal preparation plant design in China. Since its inception it has gained much experience in turnkey contracts, process and engineering design, supply and manufacture of all types of coal washing applications. Huayu has strong capabilities in multi-discipline engineering design and development, designers numbering about 950, including 3 national engineering design master, 1 prospecting master, 90 professor level senior engineers, 380 senior engineers, 248 grade A chartered engineers for coal mining, coal cleaning, mechanical, electrical, communication, automatic control, boilers, turbines, highways, railways, bridge building, industrial layout, engineering measurement, prospecting and surveying, hydrogeology, and technical/economic estimation. Huayu is equipped with an advanced computer network, CAD system, MIS system, vibration and noise dynamic and simulative analysis for mechanical equipment and architectural structures, precise engineering measurement and prospecting, soil testing, environmental test and analysis devices and instruments, automatic office facilities as well as document and drawing publishing.

       Huayu has Class A qualification certificates undertaking contracts on EPC basis, engineering design, consultancy, engineering cost evaluation, engineering survey and prospecting, city planning and survey, building engineering design, environmental engineering design, municipal engineering design, power station design etc. It also has class B qualification certificates for engineering design of railways and communication, qualified to provide a complete service covering multi-discipline engineering surveys, EPC project, equipment manufacture and supply related to coal mines, coal preparation plants, coal water fuels, power stations, coal gasification, coal liquidation, long distance pipelines, building and municipal projects.

       BHEC¡¯s business covers all China together with another 20 countries and regions. Up to now, 38 contracts on EPC basis have been completed and also others such as the overall planning of more than 100 coal mines, 300 coal mine designs, 500 coal preparation plants. 50 power station designs, 30 CWM demonstration plant designs as well as hundreds of municipal, communication, industrial and civil works. These projects have received about 60 projects award medals at national and ministerial or provincial level. In which 6 projects were awarded National Gold Medals of excellence for design, 2 National Gold Medals for high construction quality. The company pays very much attention to the development of new process, new equipment, new materials and new energy. In this regards, more than 200 projects have been completed. About 30 projects and 6 software applications were awarded medals presented by relevant national or ministerial authorities. The company has been very successful designing some projects which were the first in China, such as the worlds largest coal preparation plant, China¡¯s first coal water fuel plant, first dense medium coal preparation plant, first boiler fueled with coal water fuel, first power plant firing fine coal and the first modular coal preparation plant.

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