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Equipment and services Name
Compressed Air Self Rescue Equipment of Coal Mine
Water Ring Vacuum Pump
Mine-Used Crawler Hydraulic Tunnel Drilling Machine
Pneumatic Column Drill
Pneumatic Hand-held Drill
Mine-Used Drilling Frame Supported Electric Rock Drill
Mine-Used Tunnel Drilling Machine
Mine-Used Fully Hydraulic Drilling Machines
Series of Mine-Used Fully Hydraulic Drilling Machine
ZDY Series Mine-Used Fully Hydraulic Tunnel Drilling Machine
ZDY Series (Formally Known as MK) Fully Hydraulic Drilling Machine and Drilling Tools
ZDY Series Fully Hydraulic Drilling Machine and Drilling Tools
Geophysical Exploration Instrument
Geotechnical Engineering Exploration and Treatment Technology
Geological Disaster Evaluation and Prevention Engineering
Nearly Horizontal Directional Drilling Technology
Mine Area Water Resource Assessment and Protection Technology
Comprehensive Exploration Technology for Mine Area Hydrogeological Condition
Comprehensive Exploration of Mine Area Hydrogeological Condition and Water Resource Assessment Technology
Engineering Geophysical Exploration
Underground Electromagnetic Exploration
Surface Electromagnetic Exploration
Seismic Exploration Technique
Geophysical Exploration Technique
Geological Exploration of Coal and Coal bed Gas

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