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Equipment and services Name
Carbon Dioxide Sterilizing Equipments
Belt Filter Press
Plate and Frame Filter Press
Mechanical Grid
Mud Scraper
Complete Treatment Equipments of Mine-Water
Comprehensive Supervisory Information System of Wastewater
Automatic Monitoring Control Treatment System of Wastewater
Technical Equipments for Mine Drainage Treatment and Resource Utilization
Monitoring and Treatment Technology of Environmental Pollution Caused by Solid Discards of Coal Formation
Remaking of Coal Mining Subsidence Area and Biodiversity Conservation Technique
Treatment Technology of Industrial Dust
Series of Technical Equipments for Dust Removal (Reduction) in Coal Mine Workplace
Technical Equipment for Spray Dusting Desulfuration
Treatment Technology of Spontaneous Combustion Gangue Dump
Environmental Impact Assessment and Treatment Technology
Dust Fall Agent for Wind Protection and Coal (Sand) Fixation
Dust Fall Agent for Wind Protection and Coal (Sand) Fixation
Dry Flue Gas Desulfurization Technique Using Activated Coke
High-Efficiency Pulverized Coal-Fired Industrial Boiler System
Coal Industry Energy-Saving Monitoring/Technology Service
Energy-Saving Emissions Reduction Technology and Equipment

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