BHEC¡¯s business covers all China together with another 20 countries and regions. Up to now, 38 contracts on EPC basis have been completed and also others such as the overall planning of more than 100 coal mines, 300 coal mine designs, 500 coal preparation plants. 50 power station designs, 30 CWM demonstration plant designs as well as hundreds of municipal, communication, industrial and civil works. These projects have received about 60 projects award medals at national and ministerial or provincial level. In which 6 projects were awarded National Gold Medals of excellence for design, 2 National Gold Medals for high construction quality. The company pays very much attention to the development of new process, new equipment, new materials and new energy. In this regards, more than 200 projects have been completed. About 30 projects and 6 software applications were awarded medals presented by relevant national or ministerial authorities. The company has been very successful designing some projects which were the first in China, such as the worlds largest coal preparation plant, China¡¯s first coal water fuel plant, first dense medium coal preparation plant, first boiler fueled with coal water fuel, first power plant firing fine coal and the first modular coal preparation plant.
President Xi Jinping visited Sihe Coal Mine designed by BHEC.
Former President Hu Jintao visited Tashan Coal Mine designed by BHEC.
Former President Jiang Zemin visited Beijing Paper Plant designed by BHEC.
Former Prime Minister Zhu Rongji visited coal mine designed by BHEC.
Former Prime Minister Wen Jiabao visited Tashan Coal Mine designed by BHEC.
Chairman of CPPCC Jia Qinglin visited Yanshan CWM Project designed by BHEC.
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