The predecessor of BHES¡¯s coal preparation department was Coal Preparation Design Institute of former Ministry of Coal Industry founded in the year of 1956. As the only professional institute specializing in coal preparation engineering, Coal Preparation Design Institute was regarded as ¡°Cradle of China¡¯s Coal Preparation Engineering¡±. With advanced technology and abundant experience, BHEC is in a dominant position in China¡¯s coal preparation industry. BHEC is also the maker of national code and standard in coal preparation industry.

       Over the past 50 years£©Over the past 50 years, BHEC¡¯s Coal Preparation Department has been awarded with 1 national golden prize for excellent engineering, 1 national silver golden prize for excellent engineering, 11 national prize for excellent design, 1 national silver prize for excellent exploration, 4 national golden prize for excellent engineering software, over 30 Ministry-level(Provincial level) prize for excellent design. BHEC has completed 152 scientific research projects, among which 13 project are awarded with National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology.

       BHEC not only has the largest market share in China¡¯s coal preparation industry, but also has business in Albania, Vietnam, Indonesia, Iran, India, Turkey, Russia, Germany, Poland, Japan and other parts and countries of the world.

       BHEC holds numerous records in China¡¯s coal pPreparation industry. China¡¯s first coal preparation plant applying heavy medium technology, China¡¯s first oversea coal preparation plant, China¡¯s first coal preparation plant awarded with national gold prize, China¡¯s first module coal preparation plant, China¡¯s largest steam coal preparation plant, and China¡¯s largest coking coal preparation plant are all designed and constructed by BHEC.

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